As I work in SEO and blogger outreach I speak to bloggers on a daily basis regarding gifting, collaborations, events - pretty much anything you can think of. What I've been finding recently is not everyone knows the 'ins and outs' of why brands gift bloggers, some think it's for cool images - which is an added bonus don't get me wrong but the bottom line is SEO value and site authority. Each month I'll be publishing 5 top tips to make your blog more readable to search engines (Google), along with inside hints and tips to bagging collaborations with your favourite brands, so make sure your follow HERE.

Taking all the big words out and techy stuff - I look at SEO like this: Google is pretty much like the mafia of the internet, if you do something wrong you'll get penalised and taken off search results. This happens on a regular basis, read this story about Interfloral HERE and how they were peanlised - scary right? They're an online floral service how can you run an online company without Google?

So everyone's aim whether you're a blogger, retailer, information site etc is for someone to search a related term like 'women's fashion' and for them to appear at position one. (So when I talk about ranking, this is what I mean.)

Google brings out different algorithms to make sure website, blogs etc are all following the same rules. This is so Google only ranks the most trustworthy websites and close all the spammy/scam sites. New algorithms are brought out all the time, what once was expectable 6 months ago might not be the correct way to do things now. So digital marketers like me keep up to date as much as possible and inform our blogger communities the right way to do things. 

The good news is if brands contact you on a regular basis you're probably doing a few things rights - but imagine what you can achieve when you know exactly what brands are looking for and how to make your blog better... Do you want to have the next shoe collaboration with River Island like 5 Inch and Up?

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Feel free to leave your comments below and I'll answer any questions in the next post.


  1. That's so nice of you! I don't get the thing about the seo like for real don't get it so these post i will be following for sure!.. Also is it better to work with wordpress or blogger? i am now on blogger but lately everyone seems to work with wordpress etc i am in doubt and don't know if a switch to there will be good etc..would love to know more about that one?

    XX Nora /

  2. what a lovely idea to helo out other bloggers. So kind, will be following these for sure x

  3. I defo need a SEO lesson! I've been blogging away in my own way but this year i'm trying to run more blog more professional so this would be a great way to learn! Looking out for this! x

  4. I work in online marketing myself although we don't focus on SEO so much as we have an agency for this. I'm so keen to learn more on it myself however, will be following your posts xx

  5. I just love tips like these, it really helps you out :)

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