Now I'm no pro on Marbella but I physically couldn't handle another trip to Ibiza - 'physically' being the prominent word in that sentence. If you've not been to Ibiza you probably don't know what I mean, but if you have - you must definitely do! So this year we decided to give Marbella a go, something I was quite worried about at first but I'm SO glad I did!
If you would of asked me one year ago about Marbella, I would of replied with something like "pretentious and too predictable" and to all you out there that love the likes of Magaluf it might seem that way. But for those who enjoy cocktails in the sun that aren't made from paint stripper or a holiday where you don't need an extra 3 days to recover, Marbella is the place for you. Staying in Puetro Banus at the H10 Andalucia just a short taxi ride (5.81Euros to be precise) from the port, we spent our days sunning it up and our nights in cool bars overlooking the yachts out front.

Ocean Club
Known for Marbella's most exclusive day time party; Champagne Spray by Sintilllate, Ocean Club is by far one of the coolest beach clubs I've been too. With beds surrounding the ma-hoosive swimming pool you can chill and relax to tranquil beats whilst enjoying cocktails delivered to your bed.

Plaza Beach
I'm not really a sea/beach kinda girl, getting sand all over me is something I definitely don't enjoy nor would choose to do. So when we headed to Plaza I didn't know what to expect. Receiving a private four-poster bed that overlooked the sand but was decked was perfect, you could nip into the sea to cool off then slip your sandals back on and not be covered in sand.

Sisu Pool Party
Now this was probably the closest thing to Ibiza that I experience whilst in Marbella, the Sisu Pool Party was one of the liveliest daytime venues we went to whilst we were there. With weekly spray parties and exclusive DJ's this little boutique hotel is know for some crazy days!

By far my favourite place to pre-drink before hitting a club! The open top bar hosts numerous tables with a minimum spend of around 300 euros, you can sit and chill out or get up and have a dance - I'm sure after a few drinks you will when you hear the music! Official pre-party to Tibu throughout the week, Pangea is known for its iconic views of the Port.

News Cafe
In all honesty, News Cafe was not my thing. Entering a bar which was ridiculously overcrowded so you felt the sweat drip of the roof - no thank you! Unless you have a table by the balcony or you stay on the terrace (which is only open at a weekend) you'll be pushed and shoved between a sea of sweaty tourists...

From what I can remember I really liked Aquamist, the tables were quite large giving you quite a bit of room to spread out. There was also a little walkway in which you could have a dance without bumping into the anyone on the dance floor. The venue layout was quite large with a few different areas you could dance the night away in.

Similar to News Cafe this venue was one of the more hotter ones but that didn't put me off going three nights in a row! The layout was quite strange as it's quite rectangular with the entrance at one end and the dancefloor/DJ stand at the other. Private tables outline the dance floor and the bar which sit in the middle.


  1. Sounds like you had a really good time. La Sala beach is like a smaller version of ocean club.

    Katie x


    1. It was amazing, I'll have to try La Sala beach then next time. Thanks for the tip :) x

    2. It was amazing, I'll have to try La Sala beach then next time. Thanks for the tip :) x


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