As mentioned in a previous post here on SEO blogger tips and advice I'll be sharing a few tips each month on various ways to get your blog or website more readable to Google and to gain a higher click through rate.

Why you should use meta descriptions

Meta descriptions are what consumers use to define what's on a page, some blog programs generate these for you but these aren't always accurate. Always add a small description where you can outline exactly what's on your blog including any key terms which will enhance your click-through rate. Meta Descriptions should be between 150-160 characters to really get an understanding of what your blog is about.
Why you should use page titles

If you go to any website and look at the very top bar you'll see a description. This is you letting search engines' know exactly what's on the page. This is called a 'Page Title' you can find this on Blogger and Wordpress as shown below. Treat your blog like it's a baby and needs spoon feeding a bit. Add in a term such as UK FASHION BLOGGER - THE FASHION RUBIKS. This is so when someone searches 'UK fashion blogger' you'll start to appear. These should also be between 50-60 characters to allow for a longer search term.

Why you should rename pictures

First of all when you're uploading images to your post, always make sure you rename them. Search engines (Google) doesn't know what SDNXJD45.jpg is so unless someone searches that exact term you're image won't show. If you're wearing a Lavish Alice white shirt, tell your picture that. E.G The Fashion Rubiks blogger wearing Lavish Alice white shirt.jpg. That way when someone goes on Google images and types in one or more of the terms, you've got a better chance of ranking for them.
Why you should use H2 and H3 tags
H2 and H3 tags are like subheading of your blog post, the main title is the first thing search engines will read. If you've inputted H2 and H3 tags then Google reads them next, just like when you was at school and used subheadings to outline the key point you were describing. For example, I've added a H2 tag using the HTML section on blog spot to highlight the subheading 'Why you should use meta descriptions.' Then the more subheadings you have use H2-H10 as you go down the page.


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