You name it, I've lived it! Parents check, friends check, sisters check, boyfriend check and my ultimate favourite - the Huddersfield University boys football team! Living in everything from a house, apartment to student accommodation you become quite accustom to living out of a suitcase as you know in a couple of months you'll be right back in the moving van on to your next venture.

I don't understand why it's such a big deal to find someone to live with, obviously the cost of everything is halved but if you can afford to live on your own, why not? There's so much pressure around us to find a partner, move in and have children when realistically these are the very few years we should be enjoying ourselves and not thinking about the future to much because as soon as you're married and 'settled' you'll regret everything you didn't do when you were younger. Anyway after living in every situation you can think of, here's my top reasons living on your own is MUCH better!

8 Benefits of Living Alone in Your 20s

Reason one: you do what you want, when you want. Gone are the days of 'I might not be back for dinner' or 'I'll be quiet when I get in' you come and go as you please. You have no one to answer to when you come in drunk at 4am and decide to make a picnic for one. You can wake up and blast Enter Shikari whilst blending a smoothie if you want, there's no one there to control the volume on your life.

Reason two: ultimate privacy. If you fancy a weekend with a top knot, no makeup and a hoody then there's no one there to make up feel guilty. After all, everyone needs a little chill time every now and again.

Reason three: reason one but reversed! You don't have to wait for someone else to make a decision. Having a pizza for dinner when you really want a stir fry or waiting for someone to wake up before you can put the washing machine on is so frustrating. You pretty much spend your time negotiating how you spend your time and what you want to do, when really are you both truly happy or have you just found a mediocre common ground?

Reason four: looking after numero uno. You truly learn how to look after yourself without anyone else to rely on. Whether that's learning to perfect an omelette or iron a crisp shirt, you'll be sorted in a matter of weeks.

Reason five: you can only blame yourself if something goes wrong. Water bill more than you expected? Bin not been taken out? It's you and only you to blame so you can't get your knickers in a twist!

Reason six: your space your mess. (Or should I say lack of mess) if like me your seriously OCD and need to wash up straight after you cook or make the bed the moment you're awake, you'll completely get what I mean. There's nothing more irritating than 'I'll do it later' if you're a clean freak like me!

Reason seven: you can sing in the shower, kitchen, bedroom -wherever you want! Nobody's there to put you off hitting those high notes like Beyonce.

Reason eight: there's no temptation. So when you decide you're going to eat well and detox there's no tasty treats waiting for you in the cupboard. Even if you think 'oh well it's not for me' sometimes you go weak and indulge.


  1. I agree I love the idea of living by my self and having my own space and singing in the shower is a morning routine must lol x

    1. It's the BEST morning routine - no one to answer too... Just you and yourself :) x


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