Dear Manchester…

I could write a blog post about the catastrophic event that happened on 22nd of May. I could go into detail about how I felt knowing what happened was just a few miles from my home, or the panic I had frantically checking through social media to see if anyone I knew was there. But instead I’ve decided that enough pain and misery has happened since the night of the 22nd of May so instead I’m going to write a blog about my Manchester. My city. My home.

I’ve lived in Manchester for 25 years, apart from a short three-year stint in Huddersfield for uni and even that was an eye opener about how much of a great city I had come from. Outside of London I wouldn’t live anywhere else in the UK, but realistically I’ve never fancied the London life when my city is just as bursting with opportunities. I have a very small and definitely not typical family, all of which live about 15 minutes from my own flat, all within the local area. For this reason, Manchester will always be my home.

I took my first steps here. I read my first book. I sang in my first assemble. I did my first all nighter. I had my first kiss. I went to my first club. I had my first job. I rented my first apartment. All in my hometown of Manchester. All these elements and experiences have made me who I am today, and for that Manchester will always be my home.

Some people grow up counting down the days until they can move away, start something fresh. But for me this was never the case. I’m so proud of where I live and what I’ve come from and I’m even more proud now of how we’ve dealt with that catastrophic incident on the night of the 22nd of May.

If you didn’t know already, a charity has been set up to help the families of those who were effected and Simply Be have teamed up with Manchester Emergency Fund to create these cute slogan Bee More Manchester Tees to help raise funds and awareness. At just £12, 100% of profits go straight to charity so this really is guilt-free shopping. Now go and buy a t-shirt and improve someone’s life… GO!


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