Doesn't it feel like Christmas was a hundred years ago?! The one thing that cured my January blues was getting prepared for London Fashion Week. As my sixth season in attendance, I can't stop thinking about all the fashion fun that's about to kick off. But for those who have never been before, I thought I'd do a post on what actually happens at London Fashion Week as I honestly think people think everyone sits FROW at Burberry and drink coffee...

Do I Need Tickets To Go To London Fashion Week?

The answer is no... Well you'd need a ticket to go to a show, but the actual London Fashion Week hub is now at Brewer Street Car Park in Soho which is my favourite part of the whole event. You'll find bloggers, photographers, PRs, designers and even celebrities hanging out at this hot spot. Formerly at Somerset House, the new hub of Brewer Street is always buzzing with excitement. You don't need a ticket to go here but it's definitely a cool place to hang out around for a few days.

How Do I Get Tickets to Catwalk Shows at London Fashion Week?

Once the show schedule is out on you can apply for tickets online. You can also go direct to certain brands and designers through a PR contact/email. You can also apply to to browse the showrooms which are pretty cool, you can do that here. I've even won tickets before through a social media competition, there's so many opportunities to bag a ticket you just have to be savvy about it.

How Do I Get Photographed at London Fashion Week?

There's no answer to this whatsoever. Obviously if you wear something bonkers you might get photographed more but it might not always be for the right reasons. Stay true to yourself and wear your own style. If you do, you'll ooze confidence which will definitely be the key to being papped.

What Do I Need to Take With Me To London Fashion Week?

Business cards, camera, plasters, hair grips and a mini notepad are the top items to pack in your back in your bag for London Fashion Week. Oh and if you're braving heels then definitely take a flat pair of shoes in your bag just in case. There's nothing worse than dashing between shows with mega sore feet!

Above I'm wearing an Oversized Pale Blue Shirt by Zara, High Waisted Leather Trousers by H&M, Split Open Boots by Public Desire and a Camel Tailored Coat by Beyond Retro via TK Maxx.

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