So here we are again it's nearly February the 14th, cue the oversized teddy bears and chocolate love hearts for some of you, but us singletons on the other hand have a day of avoiding social media and a boxset binge planned. But how on earth are you suppose to meet someone nowadays? Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being single maybe 98% of the time, but there's always that 2% doubt that pops up every so often that has me questioning my entire existence - like honestly how many cats will I have? Will I be that fake 'aunty' to all my friend's kids? Will I collect Pokemon cards?

I honestly hand on heart refuse to use any kind of dating app/website/game don't get me wrong I've downloaded Tinder but shortly after deleted the app - it was far too sleazy! But seriously,, have we all got so lazy we can't communicate properly? Even phone calls are few and far between because what's the point in speaking to someone if you can Snapchat or voice note. I'm so old school when it comes to dating, I believe in that initial spark or connection, I couldn't think of anything worse than a Tinder date not knowing what the person even properly looks like! Even when you go out, it's just uncommon to start chatting to someone you don't know... In fact let me rephrase that, it's uncommon to start chatting to someone who isn't a complete arsehole who's only after one thing!

I've heard some seriously shocking horror stories about Tinder dating, my favourite being that the guy had a tattoo on his face, (which he covered with sunglasses and that perfect 37 degree pose he perfected) and he had just got out of prison... All of which he didn't fully disclose on his profile!

As women are getting more and more beautiful, men are getting more and more pig-headed. So what does it actually take to meet a nice guy, who ticks all the boxes? There must be a desert island somewhere full of intelligent, handsome single men - because seriously their no where to be seen! When you think of your parents generation or your grandparents at 24 they were married with their first child on the way whereas now being single at 24 is as accepted as wearing navy and black together - I know, I never thought I'd see the day either!

So if you're out there single guys and you like someone, do me a favour and let them know. Don't let them walk past you in the street without at least a smile - we won't think you're a crazy murderer I promise!

Here I'm I've styled up my Zara Black Midi Crinkle Dress (see my other post here) with my AW15 H&M Studio Bomber Jacket (similar) and Cream Adidas Los Angeles Trainers.



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  2. Great post - I feel you gurl! It's really hard to meet someone nowadays as the whole dating scene can be SO superficial (looking at you Tinder - I also have shocking stories!). It took me a very long time to meet my partner (at 27)and I can tell you I'm so glad I didn't settle and enjoyed my single years! So glad the stigma of being single is fading xxx

    1. Hey Karina, this is so refreshing to ready! I sometimes doubt I'll ever meet anyone but it's great to know you felt the same and now you've met someone - so happy for you! xx

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