HOLD UP – YES that IS me in colour… Did you ever think you’d see the day?! I popped into Zara wanting something cool and comfy for my Amsterdam trip and this bright orange jumper really caught my eye – and that’s not just because of the vibrant vibes it’s got going on! Heading back to Amsterdam for maybe like the ninth time, I was fully prepared with what to expect and what to pack so I thought I’d put together a check list in case you’re heading over to Holland yourself and are struggling with what to pack.

Rule 1: wear trainers. No fleeky heeled boots, sandal or leather shoes will do the job. You need comfort, trust me.

Rule 2: take plasters. Just in case your beloved trainers decide to rub and cut your feet, you’ll be safe knowing you have plasters in your backpack.

Rule 3: wear layers. I’ve been to Dam in the sun, rain and snow – trust me layering is key. Around November/December you’ll need long johns as Amsterdam is technically below sea level so it is ICY!  I went in March about three years ago and it was boiling, but I went this year and I fully had a padded long coat on – so layers is the perfect option.

Rule 4: don’t pack heels. Unless you want to break your neck or need to use boxes of Rule 2. The city is full of cobbled streets and long walks – nothing you can do in heels I assure you.

Rule 5: don’t take an ‘out, out’ outfit. People in Dam are so chilled, you can literally go from seeing a few tourist attractions to eating in a restaurant to staying out until 6am in the same clothes. Trust me save yourself some luggage space.

Rule 6: leave room in your case. Reaffirming Rule 6, the stores in Amsterdam are out of this world! You’ll find yourself in some kind of cool boutique purchasing brands you’ve never heard of before – all in the name of fashion ;)

Rule 7: anything goes. Whether you want to wear a fluorescent jumpsuit or a super pink fluffy hat with coordinating socks, I’m telling you, you won’t get looked at twice. The fashion over there is something else!



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