Oh Milan, what a beautiful place you truly are! Having never been to Italy, which is crazy to think as Italian is literally my favourite food ever, we decided to book a long weekend to see what the fuss was all about. Heading out in March, which was surprisingly a really cheap month to travel, we booked the cutest hotel, which was just a stones throw away from Central Station. We spent our days wonder-lusting the cobbled streets, taking in the beautiful scenery and architecture and our nights gorging on the most incredible food... Did I tell you I love Italian?

Whilst in Milan we also decided to take a train to Lake Como, which was around a £12 return trip lasting around 45 mins each way. Definitely worth doing if you're heading over there yourself! Here's a quick fire rundown of places to visit and things to bookmark:

1. Duomo Di Milano Cathedral - beaut location for those Insta shots, if you don't mind being hounded by pigeons! Keep your valuables close, this area is prime to pick-pockets

2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele Ii - incredible designer shopping centre, situated right next to the Cathedral. Two birds, one stop... Or should that be pigeons

3. Arco Della Pace - Triumphal Arch with incredible statues and architecture

4. Port De Ticinese - incredible port with loads of bars and eateries. I've been told it's perfect in the Summer

5. Cavalli Club - if you fancy an upscale night out, there's nothing better than Cavalli Club! We went for food and stayed for cocktails. The venue opens around 8pm but didn't get busy until around 10/11pm - Italian's love to eat late.

6. Excelsior - incredible designer department store. If you're doing it for the gram inside, be careful!

7. Slam Jam - super cool sneaker store, probably my fave of the trip

8. Papa Moon - best food we eat whilst we were there.... Always opt for a pizza!

Eight things I've learnt about Milan in a nutshell:
1. Every man and women are BEAUTIFUL
2. They don't do brunch, the most you'll get is
3. Carbs are Italian life
4. Pizza is cheap AF
5. Wine is even cheaper
6. They're feeders! They love to bring out appetisers in-between courses
7. (If you're a smoker) cigarettes are hard to find!
8. Take your bank card, you won't be able to resist the shops I promise you


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