If you follow me on Instagram, if you don't then you should, @SophieCecilia_ then you'll see my slight obsession with staying healthy and training - but working in the industry I do with weekly brunch meetings, overnight stays in London and general work driving me to that much-needed Friday gin, it can sometimes be a struggle. 

So when I heard Superstore was having a revamp to a new clean, fusion restaurant by Mughli I knew I had to try the menu. Now nearly a year on I can honestly say I've probably dined here at least once a month. From experimental cocktails to the finest fusion treats, Evelyn's is not one to miss if you're looking  for somewhere healthy to eat in Manchester.

Before we talk about the delicious (my mouth is actually watering as I’m typing) food let’s address the decor! Quite possible one of the most Instagram-able venues I’ve ever entered in my blogging career, Evelyn’s has that warming feel the moment you walk through the door. The staff are super friendly - which you’ll know I’m always quite critical about, and there’s not a crap table in the venue. With full view of the chefs creating their magical treats, you can enjoy the surroundings from every angle as you dine on the culinary treats.

Now let's talk about the food. I've tried quite a few elements to the menu, with my ultimate favourites being the Crispy Brown Rice with Chicken and Chilli Fried Egg (as shown above) and the Roasted Salmon with Sprouting Seeds, Spinach and Potatoes. Both of which are equally as mouth-watering as each other. I love pushing my boundaries when it comes to food (as long as it doesn't involve red meat) so anything that sounds slightly adventurous I always like to try. The crispy brown rice is delicious, it tastes like it's fused together with a mixture of spice and soy sauce which tastes divine with the chilli fried egg. Washed down with a Prosecco or a Ginger & Mint Lemonade (dependant on the time of day) this would easily be my 'death row' meal it's that delicious!

Have you tried Evelyn's yet?

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