Don't you just wish you could live in a bikini? Well up until about four years ago I use to dread the holiday season. Wearing next to nothing whilst stood next to my beautiful size 8 friends was my worst nightmare. Then one day I decided that enough was enough and wanted to live a more healthy lifestyle. Swapping chicken and chips for dinner to chicken salads, I easily lost a few stone and dropped a couple of dress sizes. But as the realisation of keeping up a low kcal diet and hours of cardio hit home, I struggled with excepting the pounds that were creeping back on.

But that was then. Now I've learnt to love my curves.

At a healthy size 12, the doctor would still class me as overweight but what they also don't know is I can squat 100kg and leg press 200kg (yep that's right) so most of that is muscle. Weight is literally just a number. It doesn't make anyone a better person if they are less/more than you. It's honestly about how you feel in yourself. 

Don't get me wrong if you've got me on social media, you'll see I do eat quite healthily and I train around five times a week, but I'm not doing it to be skinny or loose weight I eat the way I do to fuel my body. I eat the food I do because I enjoy it. I train because it's my way of relieving stress and tension. I train because I want to grow my curves with more muscle... Which will also mean more weight.

So many people still in our society think being skinny is cool, it's 'fashion' which literally makes my skin crawl. That GOD AWFUL saying from the one and only Kate Moss 'nothing looks as good as being skinny feels' use to haunt my teenage years. But the thing is I love a Dominoes and pick n mix as much as the next human but I also like quinoa and lifting heavy weights. What's the crime in that?

During my trip to Barcelona I shoot this swimwear lookbook in partnership with Simply Be as part of the #WeAreCurves campaign. And you know what? I LOVED every minute of it. My younger self would never have dreamed of doing anything like this, but me now, I wanted to take on the collaboration to prove that you don't have to be a twiglet to feel confident in swimwear. Creating nine Instagram posts, I took over the Simply Be Instagram account showing my fave pieces in Barca, head over to see the full story here whilst wearing Simply Be exclusively on my trip. I've never felt more body confident thanks to these super flattering pieces.

I picked out these must-haves from the swimwear range; Figleaves Curve Cut Out SwimsuitFigleaves Curve Plunge Swimsuit matched with Black Beach Shirt and the Figleaves Curve Eyelet Bikini.

So yes Simply Be, We Are Curves.

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