What an amazing holiday this was! Having never been to Italy before, we booked a little four day trip to Milan to see what the historic city had to offer. From authentic pizza to the Cavalli Club, we definitely wasn't disappointed at all. To round up our stay, I thought I'd create eight top tips for Milan so you can cheat your way through your stay:

1. Stay authentic. Pretty much every place you'll visit will be an Italian restaurant, which is exactly why we wanted to go in the first place. On our first night we asked the receptionist for his recommendations to truly experience the Italian Culture. Dinky's was our first official taste of Italy and it was ridiculously good!

2. Pack your trainers. We didn't really use much public transport, apart from the odd Uber at night. Every street is as beautiful as the last, so don't waste your time cramped into trains, get yourself out there and experience Milan properly. 

3. Don't bank on avo for breakfast. Across the four days we couldn't find a brunch/breakfast place at all. We came to terms with it and enjoyed a coffee and a croissant to tide us over until it was acceptable to eat pizza - I mean 11am is ok right? Haha. 

4. Take a train to Lake Como. We had originally looked into day trips and nearly booked one for like 70Euros, but in the end we ended up just jumping on a train for like 15Euro return and made our own day trip. It's only a 30-minute journey and it's so worth visiting. Fresh homemade pasta and Espresso Martini's sat on the lake front enjoying the view - it was just amazing.

5. Eat late at night. We fancied something a little different one night and decided to book the Cavalli Club for food and drinks. Thinking as us Brits do, we booked a table for 8pm but it actually didn't start getting busy until 10:30/11:00pm, by this point we were in a bit of a food coma and only stayed out for a few cocktails as we were shattered from the previous few days sight-seeing. Ideally we should of had a nap and gone later so we could stay out longer. 

6. The Italian's are feeders. Now this is something I'm 100% not complaining about as I truly love my food. But don't be shocked if you're given loads of fresh appetisers in-between your planned courses.

7. The designer shops are next level. Think beautiful architectural buildings with the best of the best designer shops inside - remember to up your credit limit as you won't be able to resist a spot of shopping like we couldn't. 

8. Don't forget to look up. Try turning your phone off for a few hours and let your eyes wonder. Everything around your is so beautiful, it's like food for the eyes. 



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