As always, here's this month's top blogger tips that all us 'Blogger Outreachers' want you to know...
Social media handles - it would make everyone's life so much easier if you guys weren't so hard to find! If your Instagram handle's something like i_love_cats1245 there's no chance in hell that ill randomly guess that. Make life simple, use your full name or blog for all handle's AND KEEP THEM THE SAME. Think of your blog as a website and yourself as 'head of marketing' Topshop would never call their Twitter Top and Instagram Topshop. You need to brand yourself correctly and fluidly to gain the most exposure.

Which social media channels should I be using?

Not every channel could be right for you. There's many big bloggers out there who don't have a Facebook page or even Twitter. Try it out, if it doesn't work for you then that's fine but either keep it updated or delete it. Leaving something active that you've not posted on for months looks quite bad and sends the wrong signals.

What content should I put on each social media channels?

Twitter is a great platform to get your blog noticed by others. Regular chats go on using #fbloggerchat on designated dates and times throughout the week. This is also a great tool to communicate with brands too, if you've got any questions or a discussion you'd like to have. Instagram is clearly a great platform for sharing images, but using the Direct Message aspect works as a great way to get in contact with people too. It's safe to say someone has access to that account 24/7 so your thoughts should be read.

Where to put social media handles on your blog

We all love a quirky blog layout and format but ALWAYS include all social media handles. I'd also recommend you make them as visible as possible, not every digital PR has the time to scroll down pages and pages of pictures to find your Instagram handle. You may know where they are but think of someone who's visited your site for the first time.

Professionalism - now we've all not got 1st class degrees in Business Management or English but try and be as professional as you can. Google anything you're unsure of and remember you have a voice, people follow you, make sure you're using that correctly and not because someone's paying you to say it. Always think of the other person/brand involved - would you be happy if they Tweeted/commented the same thing to you? 

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