If you've followed The Fashion Rubiks from the start, you'll know I've always struggled with my weight. Back in 2013 I decided to finally make a positive change in my life and cut out bad food and join the gym. At first it was fine, the weight dropped off and I really began to enjoy fitness classes and learning about nutrition and what to eat but that soon changed.

I went on a girls holiday where for the first time, I actually felt comfortable walking around in a bikini and didn't have to hide away underneath a kimono. There's no better feeling than being body confident after years of hiding yourself away. As the months have gone by, I've started to notice my weight creeping back up, but what else can I do? I go to the gym 4-5 times a week, most nights I do back-to-back classes such as Insanity, Body Pump and Metafit if not I'm with my personal trainer or smashing out a HiiT session. I eat clean 90% of the time, but there's no way I can stop myself having little treats from time to time. 

What once made me feel amazing is now making me feel like I'm failing. It's funny to think that a change I made in 2013 has completely changed my outlook, most of it for the good but also for the bad as well. With social media giving you access to see into someone's life, you constantly compare yourself to those super fit bloggers with a six pack who drink green tea and do 6am yoga classes. But then again your own progress can't be measured against someone else. In a generation of 'bosters' where social media has given us a new means of communication, we need to stay wary that people only post the best parts of their life. Everyone feels self-conscious at some point, but when it's consuming a large part of your life you need to take a step back and weight up is it actually worth it...


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