My last look for London Fashion Week – sigh! I had SUCH a good time this season, each event just seems to be getting better and better and I seem to be having more of those *pinch me* moments. Now I know I’ve not got hundreds of thousands of followers, my blog design wasn’t created by some nifty graphic designer and I definitely don’t blog as much as I’d like too but for someone who uses their blog to talk about their style rather than tonnes of sponsored posts, I’m quite happy with everything that’s going on at the moment.

I worked with some really cool brands this LFW, the first being Ego where I took over their Snapchat account for the whole day. Showcasing London Fashion Week through my eyes, I had shown the Ego followers exactly what I like to get up to whilst in London. Despite the floods, which delayed my first day, I went to The Apartment where I bumped into the babes that are Debs of Bang On Style and Danielle of Danielle Vanier. I’ve worked and met both the girls millions of times before, but we finally get to spend a day together talking all things fashion and fun – I had THE best first day ever, we had such a laugh which ended nicely at the Ashley Williams show (post to follow).

The thing is about blogging, no one knows how long it will be around for. More and more users can spot a sponsored post a mile off – even if you’ve discretely added #Ad to the end of your mammoth post. BUT what will always be around are manners and kindness to each other. So yes, I have got less than 10K on Instagram and I’ll probably never sit FROW at London Fashion Week, most of my blog posts have items I’ve actually bought rather than gifted, but as I sit here in my kitchen in my pyjamas eating chocolate for breakfast (without a fancy avocado in sight), I can truly say I’m happy with how things are going with my little hobby.

Here I’m wearing a Cream Open Sleeves Blouse underneath a Pale Blue Strip Oversized Shirt both from H&M, with Black Tailored Culottes from Boohoo, Fishnet Socks from ASOS and Faux Fur Sliders from Ego.


  1. I loved spending the day with you and you're such a gorgeous girl! Hurry back soon please so we can hang out! Xxx

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