What better feeling than a morning run in Winter? I’m all for fasted morning cardio. I love getting up that extra hour earlier to push myself to my limits with a morning run. Fasted cardio is a proven technique to target stubborn fat pockets too. Main areas for women are around the back, hips and inner thigh so if you suffer from shifting those final few pounds, then add fasted cardio to your weekly routine to reap the benefits!

Now as we’re heading into Winter, you need to make sure you’re dressed for the occasion when you’re running or working out outside. I like to layer, simply because I can strip down if I need to but I always keep my base layer on underneath my top. If you don’t wear the correct items, you can easily get ill or pick up a nasty bug. You might feel warm, but if you’re wearing little clothing then your body can’t function properly. My favourite items to wear whilst running in Winter  from Decathalon are Bodyskin Tights, which will definitely keep your protected from the cold air. I usually wear the Bodyskin Tights with either an extra pair of shorts over the top, or actual jersey jogging bottoms – dependent on just how cold the weather is. Under my usual Running Tops, I also layer up with a Bodyskin Long Sleeve Top for extra warmth. Add a Waterproof Jacket for safe keeping – as you never know how the weather might change and you’re ready for your fasted cardio morning run!

Start your routine with a light jog for around four minutes. I use the NikeID App to motivate me as it lets you know how quickly you’ve ran each mile.  Choosing a scenic route always helps too; I hate running back on myself or down the same long road. I like to challenge myself by running on multiple surfaces too, mixing roads with grass and hill climbing improves your stamina as your body has to constantly change pace and technique.

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