Ever since I can remember I’ve always been interesting in cooking and learning about food, you've probably seen some of my recipes over on my Fitness Page. I remember when I was younger I’d go shopping with my parents to Sainsbury’s and pick up the ‘Feed Your Family of Four For £5’ cards from the Jamie Oliver campaign, I’d then spend the weekend cooking up tasty treats for the family.

I really think this is where my love for food and cooking came from. I’d spend hours baking cakes and cooking up delicious recipes, so by the time I got to High School and I could learn even more tips during DT classes I was engrossed! Fast forward to the present, you’ll usually find me watching some sort of cooking show or picking up new recipes in cook books. So when Laura of The Fashion Wonderland and I were invited along to Jamie’s Italian in Manchester, I couldn’t say no - my younger self probably wouldn’t of forgive me if I did!

Heading to the restaurant located on King’s Street next to other beaut venues such as San Carlo and Rio Ferdinand’s Rosso. We headed in too the listed building to be greeted by the host who sat us down. Going through the Evening Menu, which we were there to review, we ordered Prosecco before taking a more in-depth look at what was to offer. Being a non-red meat eater, I must say the options were very limited. But if you love steak then this menu would of been perfect for you! As I was on a ‘cheat meal’ I decided to go with the Mushroom Fritti to start and Spicy Sausage Casarecce as the main - I’d usually opt for a salad or fish but I wanted to fully experience the Italian vibes so pasta it was!

The starter was incredible, the mixed king oyster and Paris brown mushrooms were cooked to perfection and the breadcrumbs gave the right amount of crunch for that extra added taste. Matched with the garlic mayo dipping sauce, this starter is not one to be overlooked! Next up were the mains, as mentioned I wanted to go for the full Italian experience so the pork ragu seemed like the perfect option. With just the right amount of spice mixed with the fennel from the sausage, this pasta dish would of had any Italian’s heart racing! Finished off with herby breadcrumbs and shaved Parmesan, the Spicy Sausage Casarecce was super satisfying - I’ll definitely be coming back for more!

You can try the Jamie’s Italian two course Evening Menu from just £18.95 per person, find out more here


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