RK Interiors - Fredricks:

Known for minimal, interior design the Scandinavians are at the top of their game when it comes to home ware. So how could I resist browsing stores picking up serious inspiration for my new pad? RK down in Fredrick was the perfect location. Contemporary standout pieces met minimal design – the perfect combination for any home!

Social Coffee – Kobenhavn:

Strolling through Kobenhavn, we stumbled across Social on the lakeside. The bright yellow building stood out to us so we thought we’d give it a try. As a gluten and dairy free café, we had a beaut breakfast without the guilt – blog post to follow!

Botanical Gardens - Kobenhavn
I had read all about the Botanical Gardens in the Cereal travel guide, and a colleague at work had also recommended we take a look. As we went on a Sunday, the actual indoor preservation bit was closes (I was gutted) but it didn’t stop us walking round the beautiful grounds.

I’m still depressed from how much of an incredible trip I had in Copenhagen last week! I knew I would fall in love with the place from the Cereal travel guide I had read, but never did I think I would feel so at home in a country I’d never been before. Known for their free willed personalities and culture, the Danish were more than welcoming. We’d booked ourselves into a super cute Air BNB (post to follow) so we could truly experience Copenhagen. From long strolls through the city to brunch stops at Social Coffee, this city stole a little piece of my heart.

Spending our days strolling through the beautiful streets and our evenings dancing with the Danish, Copenhagen was by far one of my favourite city breaks. It was exactly what I needed for a little bit of 'me time' before we head into the Christmas months... I just wish I’d had longer there, three days wasn’t enough!


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